Frequently Asked Questions


How do you ensure I get the help I need?
We are not just an ambulance provider. We have built layers of parallel redundancies to ensure that you survive THE emergency and you’re not mentally or financially burdened by the sudden jolt. We have built an exhaustive and thorough ecosystem, riddled with contingency measures to ensure proper pre and post emergency care is provided to you.
How do you know if there’s an emergency?
Medical alert systems are designed to get medical help promptly to your loved ones. Our equipment usually consists of two components - a mobile application and a transmitter, usually worn as a wristband. In the case of an emergency, we use GPS signals to ensure help reaches your location.

We put your safety first, starting with the equipment we provide to you. We offer you the same level of safety and equipment coverage that we would want for our own loved ones. Our customer friendly policies aimed at providing support 24x7 throughout the year and round the clock customer service.

Our system is designed for all who are concerned about the well being of either their loved ones or their own self. Emergencies come unannounced and we help you be better prepared for it.

How do I sign up?
You can sign up from our website by entering your contact details. We will then schedule a call to understand your condition better, conduct a site audit, create a customised emergency response plan for you. Only after that do you officially start using the Parent Protect service.
What are the entry requirements?
There are no entry requirements for using our services. We don’t discriminate or differentiate between people and welcome anyone & everyone to be a member of our family.
The onboarding process usually takes three days where we collect your medical records and list down your emergency contacts. We also conduct a site audit to understand your locality better and draw up customised emergency response plans for your particular condition. We also introduce you to your cluster manager and the EMT for that area. Once that’s done, we send you a link to download the application along with your login credentials and our device so we can ensure you’re protected.
Downloading the app
When you sign up with us, we will send you a link to download the application along with your user credentials so that you can avail our services.
I’m unable to download the application
In case you’re unable to download the application through the link we shared with you, check if your phone is connected to the internet. If the problem still persists, call us at +91-9654859268 and we will resolve this at the earliest.

Is it waterproof?
Yes, the wristband is completely waterproof, and is designed to be worn in the bath or shower. It has an IP-67 rating and is water resistant up to 10m underwater for thirty minutes.
What does it track?
The Parent Protect device tracks your heart rate in real time and transmits it to us through the mobile application. In case there is any fluctuation in your heart rate and an emergency is detected, we will immediately dispatch EMTs to your location.
Can I take it with me on vacation?
Yes, our devices can easily move from one location to another, whether you relocate for a week or a season. A simple call to our emergency response center is all it takes to reactivate your system in your new location. Call us 24x7 at +91-9654859268 if you have any questions or to let us know your temporary location.
What material are the straps made of?
Our wristbands are made of silicone with a stainless steel buckle, The help buttons for the wristband are made of PolyCarbonate (PC) plastic.
Do I have to wear it while I sleep?
Yes, you should wear your wristband at all times so that you can get help in case of an emergency - it’s not uncommon for someone to experience an emergency after getting out of bed in the middle of the night. Furthermore, it also helps us analyse your sleep patterns and recommend changes for a healthier lifestyle.
How long is the battery life?
The battery for our device needs to be charged once every seven days.
How do I clean it?
Use warm water, dish detergent with either a soft bristled brush or wash cloth can be used to clean your wristband/pendant. Gently scrub until clean.
What if my device stops working?
If your device stops working, we will get to know about it as we’ll stop receiving signals from you. In that case, we will immediately replace it - free of cost. We offer a no cost replacement for all our devices.
What if I lose my device?
In case you lose your device, we will give you a new one so that we can be in touch with you and help you in case of an emergency. But you will have to pay for the supplementary device.

How much does Parent Protect cost?
Depending on your needs, there are three different subscription models we have made available to you. You can check these out here.
Methods accepted
We accept payments from all Visa, Mastercard, American Express, mobile wallet, UPI, Internet Banking accounts.
Payment failed
In case your payment for the subscription fails, we suggest refreshing the page and trying again. Try an alternate mode of payment if the problem persists.
Redeeming a coupon/promo code
We frequently award our customers with discounts and promotional offers upon completion of challenges. Enter the promo/discount code on the payment page and it will reflect in your account within 24 hours.

Who prepares the reports?
You can upload reports signed off by your family/concerned Doctor and also view the reports by our Doctors who will come and visit you personally on a frequent basis.
What are the reports sent to me?
i) We will share daily, weekly and monthly reports to you based on the data we receive from the device you wear - heart rate, sleep cycle, blood oxygen level, stress level, daily steps.
ii) Incident reports in case of an emergency - highlighting the time, place, participants involved and the Doctor’s prognosis for future references.
Frequency of reports
We will send you daily, weekly and monthly reports for the metrics we track.
How are the reports shared?
The reports will be shared via email, WhatsApp and our mobile application.

How do I upload my data?
We will collect your personal details during the onboarding process and create a profile for you. When you begin using the application, you can upload all your future medical reports to the application using your phone camera.
How do I edit personal details on my profile?
To edit any personal details, call us at +91-9654859268 and we will update your details.
Unable to log in to my account
If you are unable to log into your account, connect to the internet and try again. If you’re still unable to log in, call us at +91-9654859268 and we will resolve the issue as soon as possible.

What sensitive information is Parent-Protect collecting?
During onboarding, we collect your past medical records to create a medical profile for you.
Whom does Parent-Protect disclose the information to?
In case of an emergency, your medical history and the current medications prescribed to you are shared with the Doctor at the hospital you’re taken to, to quickly administer primary care and stabilize your condition as quickly as possible.
Does Parent-Protect sell my personal information?
No, we do not sell any of your data. We respect your privacy and maintain high standards of data security to ensure the safety of your data.