About Us

A one stop solution for all emergency medical care services. We provide affordable safety and peace of mind to our customers and their loved ones.

Our Services

Our services extend to not only ambulances but also Doctors, patient transport, pre and post operative care etc. to ensure you are medically and financially health.

Our aim is to become a centralized medical emergency authority which would be responsible for preparing protocols, imparting technical assistance, training, capacity building and accreditation of emergency services.

We follow a family first approach and our best stories are about You.

Our Values

Customer above all else

All our services are designed for You, and you first Always!

High Standards

We set high personal and company standards, and consistently try to exceed them

Out of the box

We are constantly looking for new ways to develop better ways of servicing your loved ones


Our culture values, respects and encourages every member towards excellence

Passion is in our purpose

We sincerely care about the impact of our services on the community.

Delivering excellence

We strive to deliver the highest-quality performance, service, growth, and results.